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Bookings and General Enquiries

If you require any support with booking a class, activity or have any other enquiry, you can contact Customer Services by Telephone: 01902 551010 or E-mail:

Membership enquiries

If you require any support with membership enquiries you can contact Customer Services by Telephone: 01902 551010 or E-mail membership.wvactive

Alternatively, if you need help with a particular section please select from one of the links below;


This is the entry page to Online Bookings which may offer online bookings, online memberships (optional) and the choice to pay unpaid sales (optional).Your site may not have implemented memberships or offer the ability to pay for sales.

  • Make a booking - enables you to make a booking.
  • Memberships (optional) - enables you to purchase and renew memberships, for example a monthly or annual membership.
  • Unpaid Sales (optional) - allows you to pay for all outstanding debts. It may not be possible for you to make another booking, or you may be charged a higher price, while you have an outstanding debt.
In addition you can view and edit ‘My Details', 'Manage Bookings', and 'Search' for available dates in the future from this page.

Making a Booking

The booking process involves 4 steps to make a booking and a 5th to make payment. The process bar at the top of the screen indicates the stage you are on.

Step 1 – Select Site

Choose the site at which you want to make a booking. If your organisation runs more than one site you will have the choice of a number of sites in the list. If the list is extensive, and you have a search box, use this to type in the site name or just the first few characters of the site name. Now you can click 'Search' to reduce the list.

Step 2 - Select Activity Type

Choose the activity type that includes the one you wish to book. The activities you are able to book online have been organised into groups of similar activities to make the selection process easier. There may be explanatory comments beside the activity types.

Step 3 – Select Activity

Select the activity you wish to book from the list displayed. If the required activity is not displayed, click 'Back' in your browser or select the previous step (Select Activity Type) from the process bar. There may be explanatory comments beside each activity.

Step 4 – Select a Slot

Choosing an Activity

When you have chosen an activity, this next section is made up of two or more pages. This screen displays the available slots and your existing bookings.
  • On the first page, select the day and approximate time for the booking.
  • The second page displays the areas that can be booked and their individual availability on the chosen day. Click on the desired time.
  • The Complete Your Booking page displays the details of your booking and the price. If a membership has been used as payment, this is shown. You may enter any comments you wish the site to be aware of that relate to this booking.
  • If you want to go back and select a different date and time, click the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • To confirm your booking click ‘Book’.
  • If your activity requires payment at this time, you will be taken to a page giving you the option to pay for your booking. There may be a time limit requiring you to pay before your booking is cancelled.
  • Click the ‘paid’ or ‘pay’ links in the text to go to the Payment page.
If the activity is free, or your site does not require immediate payment, this page will complete your booking.

Choosing an activity with more than one resource (e.g. activity plus an instructor)

When you want to book an activity that requires you to choose more than one resource, you will see an additional page for Step 4.
  • Select at least one resource from each group. Once you have selected more than one resource from a group, you can only select a single resource from the remaining groups.
  • Click on all required resources and click ‘Select’.
  • Click on the date and approximate time for the booking.
  • The next screen will show the multiple resources as chosen above. Select the resource and time and complete your booking as previously.

Choosing a Class

If you have chosen a class booking, this page displays the dates and times of the classes. If you are allowed to book guests into the session, you can add Additional Bookees to your booking and you will be asked to pay for all of you. The Total Bookees column will show how many you are booking for.
  • Click ‘Book’ to go to the Complete Your Booking page.

Step 5 – Payment (only available at sites that offer payments)

Payment is provided over a secure connection ensuring your credit card information is safe and secure. Complete the Secure Payment page. All fields that are asterisked must be completed. Click the appropriate button to process the payment. You will be provided with a confirmation of your booking for your records.

Manage Bookings

The My Bookings page displays a list of your confirmed and unconfirmed bookings in two tables.
  • Clicking on the green arrow next to the booking allows you to move the booking. This will display the first page of Step 4 to rebook the activity on a different day or time.
  • Click the red circular icon to cancel the booking. You will need to click ‘Confirm Cancel’ to remove the booking. Only unpaid or free bookings can be cancelled.
  • Click the information icon to display the details of the booking including the price and booking reference number.
  • There are instances when it is not possible to move or delete a booking in which case the icon will be greyed out.

Unpaid Sales

Click the ‘Unpaid Sales’ button to take you to the Unpaid Sales page. Here are displayed all your unpaid sales under the headings of Membership, Bookings and Other Sales. Select the sales you wish to pay and click Pay, followed by Pay Now to go to the Payments page to add your card details.


The Search function allows you to search for any activity by name. Type a few letters of an activity in the Search box and as you type the appropriate activities will be displayed. Hit Enter on your keyboard, or click the Search icon to display the list. Select an activity to start the booking process.

The button on the far right is an Advanced Search button. Click this button. All default details will be Any, therefore not limiting your search.

  • Select site: choose a site from the drop down list.
  • Select activity: select an activity group first, to reduce the list to activities in that group, or choose an activity from the entire list of activities on offer at your site.
  • Change the date and time fields as appropriate for your selection.
  • Click any days that you want to exclude from the date range.
  • Click the ‘Search’ button.
This will display the list of activities to proceed with the booking process, or if there is only one activity this will take you to the second page of Step 4 to make your booking.

My Details

This area allows you to add or change your personal details or password. Click ‘My Details’ and you will be able to modify your details within General Details and any other sections. Click ‘Change Password’ to change your login authentication. Click ‘Submit’ when you have made the changes to any screen.